Why collaborate?

Sometimes it’s more fun to work on a project together than working on your own. I like to collaborate with start-ups, small businesses and freelancers with a vision that aligns with mine, so I can help them grow and thrive. I also take collaborations that simply seem fun or are important to me personally.

Are you interested in a collaboration or do you want to work together on a project? Contact me with details about your idea, ambitions or project, your expectations and why you want to do it with me. I’ll reply as soon as possible. We can take it from there!


Creatifa immediately captured the deep emotions I wanted to express with my music and worked on a concept that was just perfect and fitted well with my track. It has been awesome to see how she nailed the mood and feeling of the song with her beautiful drawn lines: something that seems dreamy but with a dark side hidden underneath. I'm more than sure I will work with her again, as our collaboration has been a great pleasure and a huge success within our audience!
Creatifa is an artist that looks through the eyes of an Applied Psychologist. She brings in small scale projects that connect with her, and thinking outside of the box is central to her way of working. Because of her commitment, she seamlessly connects with our mission and vision.

Are you convinced?