general info

Do you want to see the cartoon version of yourself? Or do you have a D&D character you’d like a print of? Or maybe you want some new, personalized art on your living room wall? Whatever your idea is, I’m willing to draw it for you!

  • A5 up to A3 sizing
  • Traditional or digital
  • Full-color (recommended) or black and white
  • Receive print via e-mail
Pricing starts at €30


Pricing is flexible and negotiable to a certain extent.

Payment is up-front and is currently only possible using Paypal, Tikkie or betaalverzoek. If for any reason I refuse or am unable to complete a commission, your full payment will be refunded.

Cancelling your commission is only possible if I haven’t begun working on your commission yet. You can cancel by contacting me via E-mail, phone, Social Media or the contact form of this website. The cancellation is done as soon as you receive a confirmation.

Sharing or posting the finished artwork is allowed, as long as it’s for personal usage and my signature doesn’t get removed.

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