Cost and payment

The prices mentioned on the Commissions page are the minimal prices for every category. The full price is based on the materials used, the refinement you expect and the amount of time I spend working on it. After you send in your request, I’ll get back at you with the full price. I start working on the commission after payment is received.

As of May 2020 payment of people based in the Netherlands are possible through Tikkie or Betaalverzoek. International through Paypal

Refusal, cancellation or changes

Requests can be refused if I think I’m not the right person for your request, personal reasons, copy right infringement or because your request contains or explicit content. This usually isn’t the case.

You can cancel or change a commission at any moment before payment. To cancel or change a commission, you have to send me a message to let me know. After payment, cancellation or changes aren’t possible.

End result

The commission is requested, the payment received and the artwork is done. What now?

When the commission is done traditionally, you’ll receive a digital print and a picture of the result in the same style as you see at my portfolio or on my Social Media. For digitally done commissions, you’ll receive a digital print. This means you make as many copies as you want, as long as it’s for personal usage. You’re also free to upload it on the internet as long as you tag me and my signature is visible on the picture.